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Food: Inca Adventure – Trekking have a chef and a cook for each trip who prepare delicious and varied food, If you have some specific require please let us know at the moment of your reservation, we can cater vegetarian food, and lactose and gluten intolerance, but not vegan because is difficult for our cookers prepare different dishes at a tent on the mountains, but most of our dinner use to be buffet stile so you can choose some products. (If a client has serious allergies problems by food, we advise to bring your own food, and tell to your trek guide which medicines do you use).

Read food advises at FAQ.

Drink: Inca Adventure – Trekking provides every day beverages like coca tea, juices, coffee, soap, etc.

But hikers will need to fill up their bottles or canteens with water of streams and use sterilizing tablets, remember that after put the tablet you need to wait around 1 hour before to drink it.

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