Month: January 2018

Survival tips for Inca Trail

Traditional Inca Trail is consider by hiker like moderate, we walk around 39.6 km, from snowy mountains, high jungle, stone stairs, and Machu Picchu citadel, we need to be prepare for this challenge, we advise: Acclimatize unless 2 days in Cusco city before start the trek Bring sweet snack like energetic bars with honey during […]

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The Traditional Inca Trail has a moderate level of difficulty; we walk 39.4 kilometers, first 2 days to up the mountains until 4200 masl (Warmiwañusqa pass) and 2 days to downhill. We advise make physical exercise like walk, run, go to the gym, or similar unless a month before to begin your trek. We advise […]

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Food: Inca Adventure – Trekking have a chef and a cook for each trip who prepare delicious and varied food, If you have some specific require please let us know at the moment of your reservation, we can cater vegetarian food, and lactose and gluten intolerance, but not vegan because is difficult for our cookers […]

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